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To create a global energy value chain of all stake holders for an energy efficient, safe & sustainable energy ecosystem for a greener tomorrow

To become the leading Thermal Energy Solutions partner worldwide. Innovation & enhancement of customer productivity with systems & service solutions.

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Products & Systems

Our process heating solutions can prevent unnecessary process heating issues and hefty capital and operational expenses in your plant.

We will evaluate your problem area, whether it is a faulty pipe heating system or a lack of adequate insulation. We will recommend the right thermal solution to resolve the issue, reduce costs, and maximize product quality.

Applications ranging from Polymers, resins, urea, sulfur, asphalt etc. CSI’s bolt-on ControTrace®/ControHeat® heating technology is successfully used across a broad spectrum of processes. Our solutions partners, CSI has been developing ideal process heating solutions for plants around the world. From the United States to China and beyond, our pipe heating systems are a trusted necessity.

Through our principals CSI, we have developed thermal process Equipments to solve an array of industrial heating problems, from ensuring the safe flow of sulfur to sealing in vapors in sulfur rundown lines. Constructed using only the highest-quality materials, our process equipment is durable, effective, and above all, dependable.

Our industrial thermal process equipment includes:
ICOn™ Degassing Technology, an Innovative and Flexible In-Situ Claus Degassing Technology
SxView™ Sulfur Sight Port, a component that enables operators to view liquid sulfur flow without the risk of H2S vapor and/or liquid sulfur spray exposure
SxSeal® 1000, an above-ground sulfur seal solution for refineries and gas plants
SxSeal® 2000, a sulfur sealing device with the advantages of both in-ground and above-ground devices, without any trade-offs
Sulfur Seal Leg, an in-ground device that seals vapors in sulfur rundown lines



Through our partners, ACME FLUID SYSTEMS, an ISO certified unit  in India, we manufacture ,supply and export strainers and valves to international as well as local markets. The strainers manufactured under this house offers an un-parallel solution towards protection of instruments such as valves, flow meters, pumps, etc., along with promoting cost effective solution through innovation. Precision in smart design, effective approach and quality control makes us as one of the best strainer manufacturing company in India

Our heating solutions from our Principals Baj Boilers & Valves range from Boilers, Thermic Fluid heaters, Exhaust fired heat recovery systems, hot water generating systems that are designed to meet your specific process needs.

Our team of designers and experts with decades of experience in designing pressure vessels and heat recovery solutions ensure that every product that goes out on field is rightly selected, engineered and customized to meet your process variabilities and diversity.

Environmental solutions from our Principals Baj Boilers & Valves range from pulse jet type bag filters, Wet scrubbers that come in SS 316/ SS 304/ Rubber lined MS structure, Mechanical cyclone dust collectors designed and customized as per your Utility and site specific needs.

Through our partners , Turbo-Machinery, we cater to the needs of Steam Turbines for Saturated Steam and Superheated steam applications, ranging from 20 kW to 5.5 MW for incidental power generation, co-generation and power plant applications in various industry segments such as Distilleries, pharma, chemicals, paper, textiles, breweries, food & beverages , Oil & gas .

With presence across 13 countries with more than 150 installations all over the globe addressing various applications like CHP, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Waste Incineration, Waste heat recovery, Renewable energy, Captive Power and Energy Conservation in Process industries. In addition, TurboTech also specializes in design, manufacturing, qualification testing and series production of various specialty products.

Service Solutions

Utilities we can support

Steam || Condensate & Flash steam || Hot water ||Thermic fluid || HVAC || Fire fighting || Process water || Cooling water || Sulfur solutions || Flue Gas || Engine Exhaust

  • Scoping Study 
  • Data Exploration 
  • Energy optimization study & Analysis 
  • Waste Heat recovery study 
  • Energy improvement proposal preparation
  • Investments and Payback analysis 
  • Detail/Custom Engineering for energy proposals.
  • Execution of projects
  • Revalidation & sustenance of savings
  • Designing & capacity selection of Utilities  in relation to process needs
  • Optimization through Source and Sink mapping
  • Capex & Opex analysis
  • IRR calculations
  • Utility network engineering
  • Turnkey project execution
  • Revalidation & sustenance of savings

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